It has begun

27 08 2004

plaza banner drop 1 plaza banner drop 2

The resistance has begun, but there is really so much more. Today and Tuesday we were in the streets, without permits, reclaiming public space. Check NYC Indymedia for the real scoop.

Radio webcasts begin tonight, Friday 8/27 at 7pm in time for Critical Mass. I am hoping to be able to call-in with an update from the streets. The Cops are making moves to try and intimidate people from showing up, but i still expect the largest turn out in NYC history.

Much of the last 48 hours has been spent launching a counter-attack within the media on the NYPD’s arbitrary harrassment of Critical Mass. Check the stories below:

New York Post
New York Newsday
NY Times (Critical Mass is mentioned towards the end.)

Tomorrow morning I will be on Democracy Now! and Rise Up Radio, both on WBAI locally. I’ll be talking about the Bike National Convention and Critical Mass.

Getting accupuncture today has really helped ground me. I feel more prepared.