Late Saturday

15 08 2004

I just finished answering emails i had been neglecting since Thursday. I have to be careful with such lapses in communications as so many folks are clearly in need of good info, especially when they are coming from out of town.

Lately i have felt part of the large organism that is the RNC resistance. As a part of this ball of energy and people i often serve as a conduit, taking-in information and queries and pumping it out to relevant people and groups.

As a human-being in this process i am amazed at the incredible escalation of interest and my concurrent abilty to keep-up with the whole thing. I can only move forward because i know it will all be over in three weeks and now is not the time to be slacking. Most of my fellow organizers share an incredible sense of responsibilty to our email InBoxes, while expressing exasperation at the sheer volume and breadth of communiques.

The RNC resistance is beginning to manifest itself in physical form. I am in awe.