tired and worn out

17 08 2004

i have been feeling this way a lot lately–tired and worn out. when there’s not meetings, there’s email, when there’s not email, there’s interviews, when there’s not interviews there’s helping at the bike space. the list goes on and cycles around, swirling and spitting new tasks, things to do and follow-up on.

we are running low on bikes at the space, but today we got a miracle delivery of 20 odd bikes and parts. in two days we should be picking-up 50 more from this crazy guy in long island that has been dumpstering bikes and parts for ten years. he lives with his parents and i spoke to his mom at length about his long-term obsession. she told me she wanted her backyard back (it’s filled with bikes). she didn’t waste time calling the arrangement a miracle: we get the bikes for our lending library and she gets her backyard back.

i am getting better at asking for help in this process. it is amazing to experience so many different lessons taught and learned.