25 01 2007

A Piece for the Solstice was performed during the 24 hours surrounding last year’s Winter Solstice. As each Act concluded I blogged the result. Although my blog has sat fallow for months at a time, it has remained a space for me to record, to make a mark. As I continue making art I am interested in using such tools to “broadcast” works in progress, and other goings-on.

Although I am not performing a specific piece, I will be creating and interacting with slide projections over the next five days. I am on deadline for a number of applications due February 1st, and the documentation of these events needs to be uploaded by Monday night.

Typically, I will be working during dawn and dusk.

Here is a brief explanation of what I am doing:

These photographs compress an elaborate fifteen-second choreography into a single image. Working with digitally produced slides, I strategically project image-fragments and simple geometric forms into the landscape. During the exposure I move through the frame with a white screen, creating a kinetic projection surface to capture and reflect parts of the projection as it travels through space.

Each piece represents an expanded vision, beyond what is seen and towards what is felt.