possible future?

25 05 2005

I am going to geek out for a second…

Two images (or negatives) precisly printer on one piece of paper in the darkroom, using masks printed on transparency:

1st Try

2nd Try

I printed solid black ink on transparency using a computer. The transparency is layed on top of the photo paper before printing the first negative (the subway) onto the paper. The black of the transparency is meant to block that part of the image from being printed on the paper. I then use an inverted transparency (black becomes clear and clear becomes black) to print the second negative (winter forest) on the same piece of paper, essentially filling in the unexposed portion from the first exposure.

Obviously I am still working out the kinks. On the first image you can see that the black does not completely block the light, instead the “blacked-out” parts are seriously underexposed causing a cyan shifted portion of the print. The 2nd image is the closest I got for now.

I need a blacker black (story of my life).