8 03 2005

Originally this Blog was very practical. I used it to share my experience of organizing the resistance around the Republican National Convention in NYC during the Summer of 2004. It was a way to let people know whether or not i had been arrested and generally allow me an outlet during an incredibly stressful time.

During the six weeks leading up to the RNC i often thought the experience would never end. Organizing on that level had this way of dominating almost every aspect of one’s life. I’m surprised my dreams weren’t more dominated by activist subject matter as often happens in production when you’ve been working on a feature film for more than a month.

Anyway, enough time has past for me to really feel the RNC experience as part of my history and no longer a dominate feature of my everyday reality. I am grateful for this distance.

The crackdown on Critical Mass, and the bike community in general, continues with no end in sight. The cops started something that they don’t know how to stop. Each month they seem to escalate. In the long run I believe we will win, but it could take awhile.

In the meantime check out my friend’s Bike Blog on NYC bike culture for the latest info on what’s going down in the streets.

My art remains my salvation and each month I seem to be putting more and more energy into the enterprise. The process is draining and thrilling at the same time. My efforts have led to a chance to show in Berlin, Germany. I am thrilled and will be heading out there later in the month.

As for the Blog I intend to maintain some sort of a presence here and I assume a time will come when it becomes a more vital part of my life again. But I am not sure when.

Peace for now.