how is our future held? with what intentions? and by whom?

5 11 2004
one_light_tower_100.jpg two_light_towers_100.jpg
Ground Zero, Manhattan 9.11.2004

it is true my spirit has been threatened by the harsh reality of recent events and happenings. it is true another four years of bush represents a scary and possibly nightmarish future. it is true the nypd are targeting time’s up! and the cycling community–true that i witnessed violent arrests and spewed hate at the cops who i believe to be evil. and true too that i cannot continue to confront the state so directly for fear of my physical and emotional well being.

so the progressive community in this country has been challenged and our work will be more difficult. the future is dark (Skills Draft anyone?) and uncertain. we will share the burden of this future, if we are to survive.

don’t forget to breathe.



One response to “how is our future held? with what intentions? and by whom?”

8 11 2004
Thadeaus (16:44:48) :

You’ll snap out of it. There is so much good coming out of this. Many more are energized and politicized by George W. getting a second term. Check infoshop news. This past week has seen thousands of people taking to the streets all over the country in largely spontaneous demonstrations, from towns I never heard of in South Dakota & Missouri to huge militant demonstrations in Chicago and San Fransico. The idiotic anybody but Bush movement has failed and now it’s our (radicals) chance to gain some victories. I believe that the main reason NYC hasn’t seen a large demonstration in the past week is because most people are still recovering from post-RNC burnout. The inauguration on Jan. 20th is going to be the next chance we have to redeem ourselves after the failures of the RNC protests.